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From 1-5 employess or less than SAR 3 millions in revenue


50 t0 249 employees or SAR 40-200 millions in revenue 


6-49 employees or SAR 3-40 millions in revenue 

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Sakrobe’s main goal is quality and excellence in addition to customer satisfaction, whether they were housewives, business or building owners in Saudi Arabia. The app and website are considered one of the prime platforms in home maintenance services and is classified as one of the leading online service providers as it offers variety of service choices and ease of use. Our well-trained technical team is headed and supervised by the most competent Saudi engineers and specialists in the home maintenance field

Mocamila Fulfillment, Inc.

We are a Saudi logistics company partnering with international expertise providing world class order fulfillment services. We help national and international e-commerce businesses expand their footprint into the Saudi market with seamless and affordable order fulfillment solutions.

Dar Sejaf

دار سجاف قصة شغف بدأت بتصاميم متفردة لملابس السفر والحجاب
وتطورت ونمت مع الأيام وخلال سنوات من العمل الدؤوب الذي بدأناه عام 2009
لتصبح هوية لكل ما هو جديد ومميز في عالم الموضة والفاشن
تعلقنا بالتفاصيل وصببنا اهتمامنا بكل ما يميز السيدة والفتاة العربية والخليجية شعار نفتخر به في دارنا 
انتهى عهد اللهث خلف الأسماء العالمية والماركات الأجنبية وأصبح شغف العالم الآن التميز والانفراد بالتصاميم المختلفة

Golden Scent

GoldenScent.com is Saudi Arabia's No.1 online destination for genuine fragrances and beauty products. Since its foundation in 2014, the website has grown rapidly to one of Saudi Arabia’s most popular online shopping destinations delivering quality service for premium products. Every month many thousand customers receive a GoldenScent-Box at their doorsteps. Our box is one of the safest, strongest and environmentally friendly packaging of all ecommerce retailer in the Middle East. With offices in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Jordan, we are constantly looking for great and talented people with entrepreneurial spirit to join our team. If you are passionate about beauty, you like innovation and putting your ideas into reality, then join us in shaping the next big thing.